What to Do with Flowers after the Funeral

When a loved one passes away you are left with paying the expenses of their funeral. This is a fact, not an option. If your loved one passed away from a disease like Cancer, Aids, or any other that is still in the process of looking for more research, what to do for the funeral. Instead of having people donate flowers, have them donate to the charity or research for the disease your loved one passed away from.

For example if your loved one passed away from breast cancer you can ask in the obituary and funeral announcement to have funds donated to breast cancer research in lou of flowers. That is definitely an option. This is also an option that makes people feel like they’re helping out the cause and that their money is going to good use. Let’s all be honest here, flowers as beautiful as they are only have a few days to live and then they die and must be thrown away.

If your loved one didn’t pass from a disease to have donations sent to and you would like to get flowers, you go right on ahead and do that. Now you’re thinking yourself that you don’t want to have the flowers just die off or keep them in your home until they do die. Here is another option. After the services you can have the flowers donated to one or a few assisted living centers in the area. You would be amazed how a flower or two given to the residents there will cheer them up and really brighten their days. This might not have ever been an option to you but heck the donating of flowers to assisted living is a lovely way to give those flowers another use and to brighten up someone’s life for a few days.

Getting flowers for the funeral services doesn’t need to be a waste they are beautiful no matter what. After the services you can take some of the flowers home with you, dry them, and preserve them with some the items were given to you of your loved one. You can make a lovely little shadow box with the dried flowers and memories to display in your home.

Take some flowers after the service and place them on graves in the cemetery that don’t have any flowers on them is always an option as well.

If there are any collectibles attached to the flowers or some stuffed animals. You can donate those to a local goodwill store or even a children’s hospital as well. There are many uses for the items you don’t have much use for from the funeral services.

Here are a few more ideas for what to do with the flowers after a funeral if donating them isn’t what you’d like to do:

  • Scrapbook
  • Memory box
  • Magnets
  • Decorate a Jewelry Box
  • Photo album
  • Shadow Box
  • Decorate a Candle
  • Make an Ornament
  • Frame it

There are other options aside from just letting the flowers die out at the gravesite. Give the flowers more meaning and a second life with all these wonderful options above.