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There are plenty of people on this earth that die too soon, they go long before their time should be up for them. Most of these people we never hear about because they are average, they’re like you and me sitting here. Celebrities and famous people on the other hand, those folks most of the time become more popular after they die than they ever would have been while alive. Today I want to talk about 10 of those people who died too soon, strangely, murdered, and still live on through their memories.

  • Vic Morrow – This long time actor was decapitated by a helicopter on set of a movie along with two child actors he had in his arms. Vic is well known for starring in the T.V. show Combat!
  • Bob Crane – This famous Hollywood actor was well known for his role as Colonel Hogan in Hogan’s Heroes. He was murdered in his apartment in Scottsdale, AZ June 29, 1978. The case still goes on today as unsolved, and most likely will never be solved.
  • Nicole Brown Simpson – She was only made famous after her murder however. Later on the two families of both Nicole and Ron who were murdered at her home O.J. was found liable in a civil suit brought against him.
  • Sharon Tate – She was victim of one of Charles Manson’s groups of murders. On August 8, 1969 the 8 month pregnant Sharon was bludgeoned and stabbed to death along with the four other people in the house.
  • Marilyn Monroe – She died at the age of 36 in her home. Marilyn was incredibly famous in Hollywood but struggled with being happy. Originally her death was considered to be an accidental overdose of medications, but later looks have thought possibly death due to her affair with President J.F.K.
  • Buddy Holly – He died the “day the music died” as they say on February 2, 1959. Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, Ritchie Valens all decided to take a plane to the next show instead of riding on the bus with no heat. There was a white out storm in the sky and when the pilot attempted to turn back he crashed straight into the ground killing everyone instantly.
  • James Dean – Oh watch me swoon, oh James Dean. This incredibly handsome young actor died in the Fall of 1955 in California while driving his Porsche Spyder. Dean was not speeding at the time but when you’re going over 50mph and two cars collide does speeding really even matter at this point? No.
  • John Lennon – This famous Beatle was killed by an obsessed fan Mark David Chapman in New York City. Chapman is still to this day sitting in Attica’s prison in upstate new York. Since 2000 he has been denied to be released on Parole probably to help protect Paul and Ringo from him as well.
  • Michael Jackson – This pop superstar was found dead in his L.A. home in 2009. It was concluded that he had died from a cocktail of prescription drugs not a heart attack.
  • Elvis Presley – The king of rock and roll was found dead in his bathroom at Graceland at just 42 years old.

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